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The Princess and the Pirate
   Once upon a time in a mystical land far far away, lived a princess. This princess lived a very sheltered, lonely life. Even though she was of age, her parents still treated her like a child. Finally, she had had enough. On her eighteenth birthday, she deiced to leave, so she waited until very late in the night, climbed out of her window, and ran to the stables. Her grabbed her horse's saddle, then fastened it to her silver-white Luna. Making sure no one would recognize her as the princess she stole a pair of her servant's clothes and took her hair down. Then she road into town, and found a place to stay for the night and stables near by. In the morning, the princess walked into the market place, and met so many fascinating people.
   A brigantine captain and her crew were docked at the port for the week. The captain, who was young for his job title, caught a glimpse of the princess, and knew that he would need to speak with her at once. So he hopped off his ship
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The Monsters in My Head
The clock ticks and tocks
And I look through the open box
At what seems to be so quiet
But what surely is a riot
There are dark corners in my head
That hide the monsters under your bed
They are growing from each stem
And I can't control them
They whisper to me at night
Telling me not to fight
With these voices
I can't help my choices
Everyday they grow stronger
And soon I'll have power no longer
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The Death of A Noble
Donna Noble never thought she amounted to anything. Her whole life, all she wanted was to be someone special. The Doctor gave her that. All of their journeys, all of the wonderful planets, and times, and species. She saved the whole of reality. She was the most important person in the whole universe. In the end, her mind overloaded. Donna became half Time Lord, half human, and she had the best part of a Time Lord; their mind. But a Time Lord mind in a human body was too much. She was burning up, The Doctor needed to take care of it, and he did, but at a terrible cost. When he fixed the problem, he took away the memory of him; the memory of her life since they met. The worst part was that she could never remember or be told about her wonderful adventures. If she ever remembered, her mind would burn.
So Donna Noble lived an average life. Her life was full of boring dentist appointments, and office jobs. She met a nice man, named Shaun, and they got married. They had two children, a
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  When she was younger, her three sisters use to tease her. Mocking her for her yellow, and orange, dying leaves. She use to go through life thinking that her sisters were always better than her.
  Until one autumn day, she saw a young boy playing in a forest. He was dressed in jeans and a long, olive green sweater. He was small, maybe forty-two inches in height, and roughly six years old in age.
  When Autumn saw how much fun the little boy was having playing in her yellow, and orange, dying leaves, she began to think that maybe she wasn't so inferior to her other sisters.
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Alien Abduction
I awake, finding it hard to catch the breaths that are running out of my mouths.
I had been having dreams of a strange place, with bright white lights that shine in your eyes, and a cold metal table that I'm always lying down on.
And there's this man, this human man, with salted brown hair, and glasses that catch the gleam of the bright white lights. He has a needle in his hand, that he  stabs in my left arm. Then the darkness takes over.
Ever since the crash, six months ago, I've been slowly going insane. Everything I try, nothing seems to work. I have been to several therapists, all of them suggested recently developed dream medications. None of which have worked.
I am jolted out of the hallucination of "my life". The man with salted brown hair, and glasses that catch the gleam of the bright white lights is there standing over me.
He's saying something, at least I'm assuming humans talk by moving their mouths. I've never actually met one before.
English isn't my first lan
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Tired, always tired
Always rushing 'round
Never getting enough
Mindlessly going through the motions
Routine, after routine
Flying by in a blur
Never stopping to breathe
Day in and day out
Why can't we just slow down?
"Stop and smell the roses."
People always tell you that
But seldom ever listen.
If we would just slow down,
Then maybe, just maybe
Life wouldn't seem so pointless.
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Get Over It
Do you think it's that easy?
That I want to be
Stuck in a sea of
Anxiety, and stress, and depression
Do you think that if I could
Get out,
Get over it,
That I'd be where I am?
That I'd allow myself
To be dragged around,
To drown in this raging river
Of darkness?
Of course not.
I'm trying my damnedest
To pull myself out
And yes,
Some days are better
Than others.
But do not tell me to
"Get Over It."
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NotaWitch :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 907 22
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Ok, so I realllllyy hate this holiday(I always have). BUT omg! My boyfriend is the sweetest person ever! 

~Background Story~
   About a month ago, it was too cold to go to school(we are wimps down here in the south lol). So we didn't have school that Tuesday. Quin and I had a movie day instead. I brought over Moulin Rouge(if you've never seen it I suggest you do). Christian and Satine's "thing"(I guess you could call it) is, "How wonderful life is now you're in the world".  
~End Background Story~

    HE HAD A NECKLACE CUSTOM MADE~!! It says the thing!!! AND it even has the Eiffel Tower and a blue gem(the moon)!!!! It's so F***ing cute, I can't!!! 

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